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DeCleasha Martin, CDM, CFPP, our Nutritional Services Manager shared her favorite French Pumpkin Soup Recipe for #NationalPumpkinDay! 

This Traditional French Pumpkin Soup Recipe is one such classic It is so, so easy to make, and the soup also freezes so well, you will soon be eating it year round. And, it is also extremely healthy and nutritious, so what is not to like about it. 

The soup has a velvety texture and a delicate, savory flavor perfect for a light lunch or a refined first course. The real treat is that it’s as easy to prepare and healthy as it is delicious!... Read More »

We spoke with Lindsey Wilson, registered nurse at Hillcrest Hospital Cushing, who is the nurse navigator for the Lung Cancer Screening Program. Lindsey shared what her role entails, some advice to keep your lungs healthy and why it’s important to have a month dedicated to lung health.

“We screen patients who are high risk for lung cancer using low dose CT imaging of the chest. My duties include screening the patients to see if they meet the criteria, scheduling them for their screening and any follow-ups that are required. I am the person who guides the patients through the program... Read More »

When you hear the word organic, you often think “expensive”. But you can still eat organic on a budget by being smart about what you’re buying! Prioritize by buying fruits and vegetables you incorporate regularly into your diet. Do you only eat grapes every once in a while but eat strawberries daily? Buy the strawberries organic rather than the grapes. You can skip the organic section for bananas, avocados and oranges as their skin protects them from pesticides you may ingest (but still be sure to thoroughly wash them before eating). Don’t put packaged food items into your cart that are... Read More »

From her very first visit with Dr. Miles, Samantha Lewis was impressed with how diligent and approachable she was. “Dr. Miles has been a great doctor. She is always attentive and listens to everything I say. She’s very easy to work with,” she shares. There’s no question why she chose Dr. Miles to deliver both of her children. Samantha also notes that Dr. Miles was very comforting throughout her pregnancy, adding “I was blessed because my pregnancy was easy. Dr. Miles consistently reassured me that things would go smoothly and she always let me know exactly what was going to happen which... Read More »


Dr. Amanda Miles is excited to get back into the swing of things with Hillcrest Hospital Cushing’s OB unit now that it is offically reopened. She recently came back to her practice after being out for the delivery of her twins, Magnolia and Oliver.

When asked what she missed most about work during maternity leave she said “all of it!” adding “I missed getting to interact with everyone in town, doing ultrasounds and seeing new babies. It was hard to miss out on so much. I had several patients that I assisted with their fertility and then had to miss out on their delivery.... Read More »

Our Nutritional Services Manager, DeCleasha Martin, CDM, CFPP, shared her favorite taco recipe with us for National Taco Day! Follow her recipe below for a yummy taco meal!


Bulgogi bbq pork tacos with charred tomatillo sesame sauce & spring onion slaw

These are Mexican-Korean fusion food at its best. They may even be one of my very favorite tacos. For me, it's all about that tomatillo sauce!

 prep time 15 minutes

 cook time 15 minutes

 total time 1 hour 30 minutes

 servings 6 servings

 calories 507 kcal


... Read More »

With the recent start to the school year and the coming fall season, a common question asked at Hillcrest Hospital Cushing is about vaccines. Stephanie Orsini, Quality Coordinator at Hillcrest Hospital Cushing, shared with us some insight about vaccines and answered some common questions asked by patients.

A common question brought up to doctors is about the flu vaccine and why there is a new one every year. “There are hundreds of different strains of flu viruses and they mutate constantly. Certain strains are more prevalent from year to year so the scientists that work on the flu... Read More »

Vacations, barbecues, pool days…these are just a few of the great things that come with the summer season. While there are many fun aspects of summer, it is the peak time for ultraviolet (UV) exposure. The sun’s UV rays can cause harmful damage to your skin if you aren’t using proper protection. Amber Reinecke, PA-C with Utica Park Clinic in Cushing, shares how you can best protect you and your family from too much sun.

“Summer is the worst time for sun exposure,” said Reinecke. “On average, the hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. are the peak times for UV exposure. Local warnings are... Read More »