Emergency Department

From minor bumps and bruises to a more serious illness or injury, you can turn to our Emergency Department (ED) during life’s unexpected moments. With an emergency physician and highly trained nurses and support staff on duty 24/7, we provide fast, efficient care when you need it most.


Once patients arrive in the ED, they are immediately triaged for treatment. Triage is the process by which individuals are screened based on condition’s severity. The ED team has implemented strategies to provide high quality, compassionate patient care, while minimizing wait times.

  • Please be prepared to provide pertinent information about your medical history, including medicines you are taking, any allergies and a summary of your past illnesses, injuries and surgeries. Having this information readily available greatly assists our medical team in making informed decisions regarding your treatment.
  • Our goal in the ED is to provide prompt, quality medical attention for our patients with continued emphasis on improving processes for a faster, more streamlined emergency room experience.
  • Individual wait times can vary widely in the ED, based on the number of beds available, the number of patients needing care and the severity of their conditions. Patients with the most serious and life-threatening conditions are seen first.

We hope you never have to come see us, but if you ever have an urgent need, our team will be here, ready to provide you with the quality care you deserve!