Women's Health Center

Women’s Health Services

Hillcrest Hospital Cushing’s Women’s Health Center has programs and services designed specifically for women and their families throughout Cushing and the surrounding area.

Our nursing staff and physicians understand the special needs of women of all ages and recognize that they want a physician who understands their concerns. The Women’s Health Center offers a wide range of programs, resources and services in addition to highly-trained physicians and staff to ensure the highest quality of care.

These services include:

  • Contraception options
  • Gynecological checkups, procedures and surgeries
  • Women’s exams, including breast and pelvic exams
  • Digital mammography
  • Osteoporosis screening
  • Hormone therapy
  • Surgical women’s procedures
  • Female incontinence issues/bladder surgery
  • Perimenopausal and menopausal care


Pregnancy and Newborns

Hillcrest Hospital Cushing's Women's Health Center in Cushing, Oklahoma welcomes expectant parents and newborns to its facility. All the services that parents will need, both during pregnancy and after delivery, can be found at Hillcrest Hospital Cushing.

At the Women's Health Center, we are committed to providing outstanding care to you and your baby from preconception through delivery. We want your birthing experience to be exceptional and will work with you and your healthcare provider to ensure that your needs are met.

Most pregnancies and births are a healthy and natural process. However, if a complication should arise, the Women's Health Center has skilled physicians, nurses and other professionals available who have special training in caring for infants with unstable health conditions. This level of specialized care ensures newborns with special health needs and their families will receive the best care possible.

Our Labor & Delivery Program Features:

  • Free childbirth classes for moms delivering at Hillcrest Hospital Cushing
  • Certified breastfeeding educators
  • Amenities for mom and baby, including a Halo SleepSack Swaddle
  • Guest meal provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Four private labor/delivery/recovery (LDR) suites
  • Private bathrooms to accommodate every patient
  • Comfortable sofas with pullout beds that allow family members to spend the night with the new mom
  • Seven postpartum and postoperative suites
  • Nurses trained in newborn resuscitation (NRP)
  • Nurses certified in PCEP-Perinatal Education Program
  • In-hospital newborn photography options

In order to provide our patients with the best care possible, we also provide a full-range of obstetric and gynecologic services for women, along with many support services and programs. The Women's Health Center's certified breastfeeding educators are available to provide new moms with the best information possible to take care of their infant. Our staff promotes skin-to-skin therapy and Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative.