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Prenatal Education Classes

Whether it is your first baby or one of several, we recognize that many expectant parents may have questions regarding labor, delivery and the birthing experience. This series of classes will help you feel prepared.

Classes are $15 each or $60 for the five-part series marked with *.


Prenatal Education

Topics include: signs of premature labor, signs of true vs. false labor, potential medical interventions, pain management, breathing and relaxation techniques, comfort measures and what role your support person should play.


Prenatal Education

Topics include: pushing techniques/positions, potential complications/interventions, Cesarean birth, care for mom and baby after birth and discharge procedures.

Breastfeeding Basics*

Prenatal Education

Topics include: benefits of breastfeeding, breastfeeding basics and positions, baby’s feeding patterns and cues, challenges and solutions, expressing/pumping/storing milk and weaning.


Prenatal Education

Topics include: changes in your body, potential complications, new baby care, bottle feeding and car seat safety.

Infant CPR/Choking*

Prenatal Education

This class will help you learn the skills of CPR and how to manage a choking episode.

One Day Refresher

Prenatal Education

Topics include: highlights of labor, delivery/recovery and postpartum/newborn.

Something For Siblings

Prenatal Education

Topics include: how to keep baby safe, why babies cry and how new babies look. Each will create matching sibling t-shirts. Recommended age is 4 and up.