Hillcrest COVID-19 Call Center
Hillcrest HealthCare System has an established COVID-19 Call Center. Operators are available Monday - Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to answer patient questions, provide support and connect them to a provider. The Call Center line is 918-574-0920.

For more information call us at   (918) 225-2915

Billing Inquires

Our financial counselors welcome your questions. If you need further details or help understanding the billing process, please contact our team at (877) 838-0019. Additionally, if you do not have health insurance or believe you may not have enough insurance, please contact our billing staff to determine whether you qualify for discounts on our hospital services.

Understand the Cost of Care

Hillcrest Hospital Cushing takes pride in offering exceptional care and service to our patients and their families. In an effort to promote price transparency, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires hospitals to post a list of standard charges annually.

While we support greater transparency around hospital pricing, billing for medical services is a complex issue and the charges listed in our hospital chargemaster do not provide a complete picture of what you may actually pay. Patients should view this information as only a starting point in determining their total financial responsibility.

When reviewing price information, please consider the following:

  • Hospital chargemasters (or "list prices") only represent the hospital's gross charges for a service and do not include discounts negotiated by insurance companies or those provided to qualifying self-pay patients. Please contact (877) 838-0019 if you would like estimated costs for self-pay.
  • In most cases, the patient's responsibility for these services is much lower than the posted price.
  • In addition to special rates negotiated by health insurance providers, individual patient payment responsibilities may vary based on the length of your hospital stay or the complexity of your care.
  • Hospital charges do not include fees from specific providers, such as surgeons, radiologists, anesthesiologists, and pathologists. Those providers bill patients separately for their services. We encourage patients to reach out to these providers for estimates for their services to gain a fuller picture of what to expect.

Costs do not represent insurance, cash or self-pay. Please tell us your care needs and we will help develop an estimate for you.